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Fix Fable 2 With a World Map

Fable 2′s a pretty great RPG, with one huge flaw: you have no idea where you are in the world.  Zones exist in seemingly unrelated points in space, and roads connect them randomly to other zones.  One imagines the designers had a highly detailed world map as they created the game– and then excised all the intermediate spaces from the game, and ran the map through a shredder.

I’d forgive the process if, upon each zone exit, a group of mysterious kidnappers threw a bag over my head and tossed me into their trunk.  In the absence of such an explanation, I suggest these community-created world maps.  Set your laptop next to you, and you’ve got Fable 2 in-game maps without the interface load lag of a real in-game UI!

Pretty, with minimal locations (pre-spire):

Fable 2 World Map, Minimalist

Higher detail:

Fable 2 World Map, Detailed