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RC Laser Warrior

“In the world off illegal underground RC car racing, a secret sect of superhumans defy law and order. They race with nanolasers and nukes.”

My nephew was playing one of the random Cartoon Network games, RC Laser Warrior, which I found notable for two reasons. The first: its extraordinary writing, with which I’ve just rocked you.

Second, it handled kart racer pickups in a way I hadn’t seen before. Mario Kart and its imitators usually don’t allow you to pick up any powerups if you’re still holding one. This encourages players to use them right away, at the cost of some depth. RC Laser Warrior puts them into separate, visually obvious slots. A Nitro powerup goes on as a giant rocket at the back of your car, Nuke goes on top, and Lasers go on the sides. None of them stack with themselves, but you can get an item for each slot. When you press fire, all of your powerups activate– potentially nailing someone with lasers, tossing them again with a nuke, and then nitroing your car into the explosion.

The three visual slot design, plus more liberal powerups, creates additional tension around when to use a powerup. I can also see it providing more gameplay to the back-of-kart (i.e. bored) player in a game like Double Dash.

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